How It Works

Initial Consultation

A program that’s tailored for YOU! PlanU begins with the initial consultation. It’s an opportunity for me to learn about you and your health and your challenges with having optimal nutritional health. We’ll discuss what’s working and what doesn’t, your family history, and other contributing life factors (stress, work, family) that hinder your progress. At the conclusion of the consultation, we’ll both discuss whether PlanU is something that may work for you.

Choose From 12 or 24 Week Sessions

After the initial consultation, you have the option to choose from either 12 or 24 one-on-one coaching sessions where we discuss progress, accomplishments and struggles, and find ways to overcome your challenges, giving you the tools for a healthier lifestyle. You can schedule your sessions as often as you need. Depending on your schedule, it can be once a week, twice a week or even every other week. 

The agenda of each session is dependent on your nutritional level, understanding of changes, and what you need help with the most. For example, if you are going to dinner that week, we can discuss the menu at the restaurant and how you can select a healthier option suited for your lifestyle. We’ll also tackle common concerns like emotionally eating or difficulty staying motivated and get to the bottom of it. Each session is essentially a troubleshooting discussion as we pivot to help you achieve your goals. Additionally, we can also schedule a grocery shopping session to help you learn about the healthier options you can prepare at home (this would require you to use multiple sessions of your package).

Data studies suggest that one can best achieve weight management when there’s someone to be accountable to. Hence the 24 session pack. Once you’re in maintenance, you may want to reduce the sessions to once a month rather than once a week.

For clarification, you will not receive a meal plan or any medical advice from PlanU. Alternatively, we will provide you with resources for ideas on what to cook and eat (should you need it), and we will educate you to nourish yourself well.

Our Plans